Opening Day and Parade Info

Parade Route

We are only a few days away from opening day! We are excited to bring back the opening day parade, which last took place in 2019.

Please drop your children off to their managers/coaches at the Asylum Parking lot at 8:45 on Saturday morning, then line up along the parade route (down Tilton's corner, in the DPW entrance, up the hill behind field 8 and back down White Blvd and into field 8.  Please try to spread out, so there are people cheering and waving along the whole route.  The parade, led by Wall PD & FD, will kick off around 9:30 sharp.  We will have a ceremony of field 8 after everyone is near/on field 8.


Managers, please note which team is in front of & behind you, as this will make lining up much easier!

Thanks in advance for a wonderful start to the season!

SWLL Board of Directors

Parade Order

The challenger division will lead our athletes, followed by:

parade 1
parade 2