AED Image 1

Please be aware that SWLL has invested in three (3) Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) for use in case of a heart related (cardiac arrest) emergency.

AED Locations:

  1. Lower Shack Bathroom near the Majors Field ( closest to Tilton Corner entrance)
  2. 1 in the Junior Shed ( located at the Junior Filed closest to Atlantic Avenue entrance)
  3. 1 in the Softball Shed ( behind the Softball Field closest to Atlantic Avenue entrance)

After Collapse-The Clock Starts!

Time to defibrillation is probably the single most important determinant of survival in sudden cardiac arrest. Generally, every 1-minute delay in defibrillation decreases the likelihood of survival by approximately 10%. If you recognize that someone is in cardiac arrest, have someone call 911 immediately – but don’t wait for paramedics to act! Send someone to retrieve the AED immediately. Start CPR immediately until the AED arrives. Unpack the AED and follow the simple instructions provided with the AED. Immediate action makes a huge difference in the survival rate of cardiac arrest. YOU can make the difference by acting quickly.